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poop125 Test/Dorm

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1 poop125 Test/Dorm on Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:00 pm


Mr. Lawlstogmer
 Mr. Lawlstogmer
I) Deck Build: 20 points maximum
9 points given. Tons of draw power but lack of monster support and LP protection.

II) Efficient Card Usage: 20 points maximum
11 points given. duelist summoned a 1200 atk monster in ATK mode with no protection. when asked he stated "...i have a spell that lets me fusion summon from grave..." if this was the case, setting the monster in DEF mode would have saved you LP and still put the monster in the grave.

III) Ruling Knowledge: 10 Points

IV) Match Result:
- Tester wins 2-0 – 0 points

V) Ruling Questions:
- 3 Correct Answers: 15 points

VI) Deck Originality: 5 points
3 - Used a Dragon Master Knight OTK Deck. this could be a really good deck if it was better made. i suggest you post your deck in the Deck Palace and let us help you.

VII) Complete Match Control: 10 points maximum

VIII) Side Deck Usage: 10 points
0 - 0 cards in side deck

IX) Extra Comments:
Duelist had a great attitude, and was a pleasure playing against him. Duelist knows his shit about YuGiOh but needs work on decks. Duelist uses a Trad. Banned List deck for his main deck, when asked if he had any ADV. Decks, duels said yes, but they're OTK decks. Because of the importance of Advance decks in this age of yu-gi-oh and your lack of having a normal deck i will have to deduct 4 points.

Total: 45/100

LVL 5 Slifer Duelist

Congraz you are our top duelist in the Slifer Dorm

2 Re: poop125 Test/Dorm on Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:06 pm


Welcome to DAD! Gratz on your test results.

Your decks seem interesting, feel free to post a recipe in our Deck area and we may be able to fix them for you

Also stick around as we have a big tournament planned!


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