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New DAD Duel Arena Rules

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1New DAD Duel Arena Rules Empty New DAD Duel Arena Rules on Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:04 am


- Match Duels

From now on these will no longer be just wager duels. You can no longer lose credits from a regular match duel. Only gain. If you beat your opponent 2-1, then you both gain credits depending on your ranks. These must be match duels.

Example: Daron Malakian vs KingMP94 = KingMP94 2-1
Then KingMP94 gains 200 credits and Daron Malakion gains 100 credits.

- Single Duels

Again you can no longer lose credits from regular single duels. These can not be longer then one duel.

Example: Loto Drandel vs Enigma_m7 = Engima_m7
Then Enigma_m7 gains 100 credits.

- Wager Duels

From now on this is the only way you can lose credits. This can be a match or single duel, but before you start you and your opponent must agree on the wagered amount. The winner receive full amount of what is wagered and the loser loses all credits that they wagered.

Exampe: Staxx vs SpiTFire96 = Staxx 2-1 (Wager is 100 credits)
Then Staxx gains 100 credits and SpiTFire96 loses 100 credits.

Obelisk beats Obelisk member= 50 Points
Obelisk beats Ra member= 30 Points
Obelisk beats Slifer member= 15 Points
Obelisk beats Admin/Mod/Tester=75 Points

Ra beats Obelisk member = 50 Points
Ra beats Ra member= 30 Points
Ra beats Slifer member= 20 Points
Ra beats Admin/Mod/Tester= 80 Points

Slifer beats Obelisk member= 100 Points
Slifer beats Ra member= 50 Points
Slifer beats Slifer member= 25 Points
Slifer beats Admin/Mod/Tester= 120 Points

Admin/Mod/Tester beats Slifer member= 30 Points
Admin/Mod/Tester beats Ra member= 50 Points
Admin/Mod/Tester beats Obelisk member= 70 Points
Admin/Mod/Tester beats Admin/Mod/Tester member= 100 Points

- Confirming

Either post an Screen shot when you're opponent's LP are down to 0 or tell your opponent to confirm.

- Posting

No, there won't be a topic that everyone can post their duels, but instead from now on everyone has to make a topic of their duel!

Example :

Topic name : Daron Malakian vs TheWingedDragonOfRa (Duel Arena)

Hopefully this will get some activity in this section again.

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