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Card of the Week 01 (Trap Card)

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1Card of the Week 01 (Trap Card) Empty Card of the Week 01 (Trap Card) Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:13 pm

Loto Drandel

Loto Drandel

1. Nominating Begins Sunday.
2. You Are Allowed to Nominate ONLY One Card.
3- This Competition Is For All Of DAD Groups EXCEPT Freshmen.
3. Do Not Edit Your Post.
4. A Poll Will Go Up Friday
5. You Can't Nominate The Same Card.
6. The Winner Of The Card That Was Nominated Will Win 350 DAD Credits.

Nominate Like This:
Card Name:
Picture of Card:(Post small ones or take it from NetRep
Card effect:

Remember to put down the card's effect the way it is written on the card.

This week's type of card: [Trap]

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