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Dark Armed Dragon Academy is a site for Yu-Gi-Oh! fans and duelists alike. We are a non-profit forum, that exists mainly to help duelists improve their skills and have a fun place to hang out! By joining us, you will learn more about the game, make friends and feel like a real member of the community.

What we offer

We, the staff of DAD Academy, offer its users as much help as they want to improve at the game. On top of that we have tournaments, weekly competitions, articles, deck discussions and so much more!

Our History

Dark Armed Dragon Academy was founded around four years ago by Dark Armed Dragon (Simon). He created this academy to be a fun place for online duelists to hang out. Back then, we all used a free software called the Kaiba Corp. Virtual Dueling System (KCVDS). KCVDS was revolutionary in the sense that it was the first free-to-play Dueling simulator, and was very popular at it's peak. After KCVDS became inactive as software, Dueling Network was introduced, and around this time we closed for around a year. In the middle of 2012, we re-opened with the mindset of offering the same hang-out place as before to the new DN Community.

The Rules

As with any successful website, we at DAD have rules that we expect members to follow. If one wants to read them, all they have to do is click the "Rules" Heading at the top of the page.

Introduce Yourself

So, you've registered, you've read the rules and you understand them, what's next? Well, it's time for you to introduce yourself to us! Making yourself known to all of us is the easiest way to get started in DAD. To do this all you have to do is click here, or go to our "Introductions" section. You can say as much or as little as you like for an intro, from a simple hello to a brief description of yourself, it's up to you!


Upon joining Dark Armed Dragon Academy, you'll probably notice that you're ranked as a Freshman. Fear not, this is just the default rank for all new members. In actual fact, we have Three Dorms: Slifer (The Lowest), Ra (The Average), Obelisk (The Advanced). Within these dorms are 5 ranks, to determine the skill of the player in that dorm.

Now, you're probably wondering "How do I get put in one of these dorms?". The answer is simple, you get tested by one of our testers or administrators. The testing system is clearly laid out for all members here.To contact our testers join our Palringo's Test Ham: dad test.
You can download Palringo's software by clicking here.

Once your test has been finished, you're placed in one of these dorms, and you're given a Dorm Room by your tester. Your dorm room shows the results of your tests, and the best way to see your dorm room is your home in our Academy!

Here is a list with our tester's information:
DN Name
Palringo Name
Enigma_m7 +2 Enigma_m7 Enigma_m7
darkness evil -5 darkness evil Semo
KingMP94 +2 KingMP94 Panos
Placido +2 !!Placido Placido
kiryu111 +2 kiryu111 kiryu111
KingWolfy +2 KingWolfy2 KingWolfy
Sasori +2 xynta Sasori

Duelist Points (DP)

Duelist Points are in a way the currency of DAD Academy. These points are used to buy stuff from our Main Shop and to enter some special events. When you join, you start with very little DP, 150 to be exact. To earn more, you can enter competitions, our Ladder Arena or you could try and win one of our Tournaments.


By definition, a dueling system is a system or program that is used to play Yu-Gi-Oh. Our main dueling system is Dueling Network, and it’s advised that new members have an account on the Dueling Network site.


We find it very important for our members to be able to contact each other. There are many ways of doing this. In the bottom-right corner of the screen you can see our Chatbox, this is an instant messaging service that any member can use. On top of that, we use an IM Service called ‘Palringo’. This is free to use, and can easily be found on Google. On Palringo, we have a giant chatroom for our members to use called “DAD Main”.You can download Palringo's software by clicking here.

And Finally...

After reading this guide, you should have a good idea of how the forum works, and how to get started around here. If you need any more information, do not hesitate to contact any member of staff, and they will be able to help you to the best of their ability.

We hope that you enjoy your stay here, and we can help you improve your skills in Yu-Gi-Oh! And make a few friends on the way!

Dark Armed Dragon Academy's Staff

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