The following rules are for all members, no matter what group they belong to or position of power within the Academy.If a member breaks the rules below, they will be punished in accordance to the discretion of staff.

About us

Dark Armed Dragon Academy (DADA) is a forum that was created on 21/11/2008, by Simon a.k.a. DarkArmedDragon. For 3 years, the academy was home to many Yu-Gi-Oh! fanatics around the world. It was home to most of the best players in the KCVDS Community.
It was a place that offered both a competitive and relaxed atmosphere for all. Sadly, the academy was closed on 03/05/2011, but it never dies, so on it's 4th birthday (21/11/2012) the academy made it's official re-opening.
Our goal is to revive the great community we had before, where old players find challenges and can have fun and new players can improve their skills, while competing with the best.
Welcome, and have fun.

General Forum Rules

  • Forum main language is English, Latin alphabet.

  • Users are allowed one account each. If not provided with a valid excuse for having multiple accounts, Staff can consider banning any accounts under your IP Address.

  • Keep the spam to a minimum, please. Try and refrain from replying to a thread with a one word post.

  • Along with the spam, keep double posting to a minimum. Above your post is an "Edit" button, if you have anything additional to say use that instead of posting again.

  • Try to avoid making threads that already exist.Make a little research before post.

  • Stick to the topic of discussion in a thread.

  • Members with avatars, signatures or posts containing pornographic material will be severely punished.

  • Backseat Modding is not allowed.If you find an individual breaking any rules intentionally please send a PM to an Admin or use the "Report" button and we'll check it as soon as possible.

  • Don't share illegal software, video games, movies, music etc.DAD Academy takes no responsibility of the 3rd party files that one may share here, if it misleads, contains any viruses, in that case DAD Academy shall not be held responsible and the author must take full responsibility of any loss that is conducted by the download that he shared.

  • Advertising is not allowed without the permission of an Admin.

  • You cannot use any of the information or images in this forum without permission of an admin.Don't use people's works as your own, it's still stealing.

  • Respect the staff and the members of the academy.

  • Follow the rules.

  • Chat Rules

    If you look to the bottom right of the forum, you will see our DAD Chatroom. This is a place for users to mingle amongst each other in any language they wish.We, the staff, aren't overly-strict in regards to moderating the chat. We try to let members have some freedom and fun here.However there are a few rules that users of this Chatbox need to follow.

  • Don't spam the chat, it's annoying.

  • Don't backseat mod the chat.

  • Don't be annoying in general, or you will be kicked.

  • Don't post big images in the chat.They make it slower and laggy for the users.You may risk to be kicked by a moderator.

  • If you feel you have been unfairly banned from the chat, please contact a member of staff with all information regarding the ban.

  • We thank you for your understanding and for respecting these rules, if you have any questions please contact a member of staff.

    Dark Armed Dragon Academy's Staff
    DAD Chat