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Tournament of The Lost Ones ( match ups and proofs ) { Kiryu111 }

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First topic message reminder :

Ok guys you all have applied for this tournament and this tournament is going to be a bit different from the rest of the tournaents so far. Now you must be wondering about what is going to be so special about this tournament well here it is:

First Round:

This round is going to be a normal round just like in every tournament. Match ups are as followed:

1: BlackBurn and Judgement Dragon
2: SpiTFire and Atlas
3:Niptaker and svstar34
4: FenixFX and CSLK
5: The_Dutch_Prince and Kiryu111
6: Dark_Armed_Dragon and Kyosuke Kiryu
7: Rafael and Flaker
8: Azza and ArcanaForce 0
9: Tarantila and Nico Robin
10: Sam-Tisdale and Shadow
11: Pilover and Dew10
12: VitorJGZ and BERKAY
13: Seeker and Smart_Shafety
14: Edward Cullen and ::MUFC::
15: Ballin1521 and PedroBR
16: Rand and Enigma7

It will be as followed:

Team 1 player A vs Team 2 player A= Team 1 player A
Team 1 player B vs Team 2 player B = Team 1 player B

Meaning Team 1 advances if it happends to be a draw ( as followed ):

Team 1 player A vs Team 2 player A = Team 1 player A
Team 1 player B vs Team 2 player B = Team 2 player B

the final match will be: Team 1 player A vs Team 2 player B = Team 2 player B

Meaning Team 2 wins ( so both team mebers will advance to the next round ).

Match ups for Round 1 are:

1: Team 1 vs Team 16
Blackburn Vs. Rand= Rand
Judgement Dragon Vs. Enigma7= Judgement Dragon
Judgement Dragon Vs. Rand= Judgement Dragon

2: Team 2 vs Team 15
SpiTFire96 Vs. Ballin1521= Ballin1521
Atlas Vs. PedroBR= Atlas
Atlas Vs. Ballin1521= Atlas

3: Team 3 vs Team 14
Niptaker Vs. Edward Cullen= Edward Cullen
Svstar34 Vs. .:MUFC:.= .:MUFC:.

4: Team 4 vs Team 13
FenixFX Vs. Seeker
CSLK Vs. smart_shafey

5: Team 5 vs Team 12
The_Dutch_Prince Vs. VitorJGZ= The_Dutch_Prince
Kiryu111 Vs. BERKAY= Kiryu111

6: Team 6 vs Team 11
Dark_Armed_Dragon Vs. Pilover= Dark_Armed_Dragon
Kyosuke Kiryu Vs. Dew10= Kyosuke Kiryu

7: Team 7 vs Team 10
RafaeL Vs. Sam Tisdale= RafaeL
Flaker Vs. Shadow= Flaker

8: Team 8 vs Team 9
Azza Vs. Tarantila= Tarantila
ArcanaForce0 Vs. Nico Robin= ArcanaForce0
Tarantila Vs. ArcanaForce0= Tarantila

Cyan= Win
Red= Loss
Yellow= Forfeit/Surrender

Hamachi Networks for the match 1 - 4 is:

Tournament of the lost
pass: 1234

Hamachi Netowrk for match 5-8 is:

Tournament of the lost 2
pass 1234

DEADLINE for round 1 is: Monday 1 February 2010

Round 2 Teams:

Team: 1
Team: 2
Team: 14
Team: 5
Team: 6
Team: 7
Team: 9

and team: 16 will pass to the next round due to the fact they dueled there duels fast and had a tie breaker.

So here are the match ups for Round 2:

Team 1 vs Team 5
BlackBurn vs TDP= The_Dutch_Prince
Judgement Dragon vs Kiryu111= Kiryu111

Team 2 vs Team 6
SpiTFire vs Dark_Armed_Dragon = Spitfire
Atlas vs Kyosuke Kiryu = Atlas

Team 14 vs Team 7:
Edward Cullen vs Rafael= Rafael
::MUFC:: vs Flaker= Flaker

Team 9 vs Team 16
Tarantila vs Rand = Rand
Nico Robin vs Enigma7

Match ups for Quarter Final are:

Team 5 vs Team 7
The_Dutch_Prince vs Rafael = The_Dutch_Prince
Kiryu111 vs Flaker= Kiryu111

Team 2 vs Team 16
SpiTFire vs Rand= SpiTFire
Atlas vs Enigma7= Atlas

DEADline for this round is Monday 8 February 2010

The rules stay the same:

No deck changing
2/3 Duels ( and the tie breaker rule )

DEADLINE is Friday 12th February 2010

Ok the SEmi Final is up:

Team 5 vs Team 2=
The_Dutch_Prince vs SpiTFire= The_Dutch_Prince
Kiryu111 vs Atlas = Kiryu111

Aftert that the final round is btween the winners of the Semi final meaning:

if TDP lost to Spifire and Atlas wins from Kiryu111. Atlas and SpiTFire will duel in the final round against echother and Me and K111 will duel for 3rd place.

On to the Finals:
for the first place and the 2000 DAD credits reward in this event we have:

The_Dutch_Prince vs Kiryu111 = Kiryu111

For the 3rd place and the 1000 DAD credits reward we have a battle between 2 underrated duelists that have shown great imrovement in this event so each of them deserve to win 3rd place but only one can be victorious:

SpiTFire96 vs Atlas =

Please compleet you match as soon as possible

Good Luck to all of you,

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Designer Drugs

Designer Drugs
Yes,he did,i accept my lose Sad


Well me and SpiTFire dueled just now with a result of 2-1 my favour.

But i have to say SpiTFire has improved a lot since i last dueled him, he compleetly owned me in the first duel by pulling off some sweet combo's and trick plays.

I had fun in the duels Bro hope you did too.



Well Me and Kiryu111 dueled right away for the final and he won with 2-0

I guess my revenge has to wait again... lol

GG's bro


Okidoki, the tournament is over. I won against TDP 2-0 those where really nice games. Though mean to duel with your team mate, at the end Smile So how many $$$ i get ? Smile


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Want a test or a retest?
Join this ham: kiryu111 testing
pass 1234

Dark_Armed_Dragon wrote:Stop OTKing people and start testing

Designer Drugs

Designer Drugs
Thanks to kiryu that opened this topic,so i won against spitfire 2-1 Smile

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