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Battle City Style Tournament Rules

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1Battle City Style Tournament Rules Empty Battle City Style Tournament Rules Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:23 am


Battle City Style Tournaments Rules

1- No limit to the number of members who can join the event, however there might be people who will not be accepted.
2- The organizer of the event will make a hamachi network for people to join.
3- Everyone will have some amount of stars (it is currently under discussion how many, and will depend on how many duelists are in the event).
4- Ensure you have the amount of stars listed in your Hamachi name at all times.
5- You can duel the same person how many times he accept of course.
6- You must duel at least three times every two days, failure to do so results in disqualification. *If there is a problem (such as a death in the family, vacation, etc.) please inform Dark_Armed_Dragon / kiryu111 \ The_Dutch_Prince of the problem.
7- The duels are single duels.
8- You can use one banned card in your main deck. When you win against your opponent you will get his/her banned card so he/she wont use it again! Then you are allowed to use his/her banned card but you can't use 2 banned cards in one deck. Just place it in your side deck.
9- Who ever break the rules it will cost him halve his/her stars!
10- No Burn, Stall, FTK , OTK , LS , BW , GB ( You are allowed to use 1 BW and 3 LS )
11- KCVDS 1.19 will be used along with Sep 1 banlist.
12- Changing decks is not allowed.
13- You can wager maximum halve your stars
14- You will post something like this

Prove (Optional) =
Date =
Opponent =
Bet =
Stars After =
Win/Lose =
The Winning Card =

16- The winner of the event will get 3000 points! , Second place 2000! , Third place 1000! & Fourth 500!
17- Only hamachi users can sign to the tournament and duels done by hamachi only! ( Not ham host)
18- The final duelists will be duel in a normal tournament.
19- The winner of this tournament will duel the previous king of the games for title (Match Duel 3/5)
20- King Of Games title can be clame only by this tournament.
21- You will sign-up like this

Hamachi Name:
Hamachi Network(Create a new hamachi network if you dont have one):
Banned Card:
Why would you like to join:

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